About Purrsonal Touch Pet Care

Purrsonal Touch Pet Care believes in the importance of providing the utmost of care. Whether that looks like giving your dog the freedom to utilize their energy, ensuring that your cat is pampered and comfortable or guaranteeing that your lizard doesn’t miss a meal. Purrsonal Touch Pet Care is dedicated to meeting your specific needs and serving as your pet's purrsonal companion!

About Danielle

I have always had a great passion for animals. An enthusiasm to learn about various species has propelled me into several animal-centric positions. My background includes running a pet services business in Seattle, Washington, interning at PAWS wildlife rehabilitation center, working in pet boarding facilities and experience as a veterinary scribe. In addition to my extensive experience working with dogs and cats, I have handled a wide array of critters including farm animals, birds and reptiles. With experience, knowledge and passion I can promise to provide your companion/s with exceptional service. It is my personal goal to ensure that your animals are satisfied, healthy and happy at the end of every excursion and or/ visit.